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How to Annotate Videos on iPhone?

Anno, a video annotation tool for the iPhone, allows you to add comments, draw shapes and diagrams on videos, and collaborate or share videos with anyone.

Anno makes it easy to work on a video project together by sharing a video link with your collaborators. You can also start in-app chats about what should be added to your video—no need to switch between apps!

With Anno's drawing tools, you can add arrows, lines, speech bubbles, highlights, and more to your videos.

Whether you're working on a project with your team or sharing the latest viral cat video with your friends, Anno makes collaboration easy.

How to annotate videos on iPhone

Here are the steps to using Anno on iPhone:

  1. Select 'Video File' in the input box above and select your video. You can also record a new one if you like, or select a video from YouTube.

  2. Tap the Pen icon to start drawing. You can draw shapes and diagrams, or add text, stickers and more!

  3. You can add timestamped comments by writing text in the input bar on the right.

  4. To move around your annotations, tap and hold down on one and drag it around until it's in place where you want it, then release your finger - easy!

  5. If you want to annotate collaboratively with groupmates or friends, click 'Share' to copy the link you can paste to your friend.


Timestamped Comments

Timestamped comments allow you to share a video with detailed feedback or thoughts about a specific shot or frame, without having to go back and forth with your team!

Click through a video and add comments as you go, then share that video with your team and they can see exactly what you're talking about!

You can also bookmark a specific frame and use that to discuss a specific aspect.

Add timestamped comments to your videos to make your feedback more precise and thorough!