How to add annotations to video

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Steps to adding annotations in video

These are the steps to adding annotations to videos using our free online tool, which is supported on Mac, Linux, Windows 10, iPhone, iPad and Android.

  1. Drag and drop the video file in the box above. The file can be any format such as MP4, MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, etc.
  2. Once your video file has been uploaded you can write annotations by adding a comment in the input box to the right. You can also add drawing annotations by selecting the pencil tool in the toolbar or by pressing the D key. You can now draw on the video to add drawn annotations.
  3. Finally, you can share your annotated videos with your friends by pressing the 'Share' button in the top toolbar. This will copy the link, which you can give to others so you can collaborate.

Timestamped Comments

Timestamped comments allow you to share a video with detailed feedback or thoughts about a specific shot or frame, without having to go back and forth with your team!

Click through a video and add comments as you go, then share that video with your team and they can see exactly what you're talking about!

You can also bookmark a specific frame and use that to discuss a specific aspect.

Add timestamped comments to your videos to make your feedback more precise and thorough!